Long time no blog. 🙂

I had a crazy month approaching my very first full wedding coordination project last July 11. Had passed on a lot of meet-ups and chats with people who needed my time and help one way or another. I missed a few ‘gimmicks’ and avoided opening my inbox with interesting subjects from our grade school alumni yahoogroups. Damn, I’m missing a lot on things and hhmm..someone.

On the other hand, I am glad because I finally started with a new venture. Not to mention, my No Front Act was on its 4th Year already. I look forward to better years to come. More events, parties and opportunities.


Just finished watching a documentary about our Former President Cory Aquino who sadly, after battling for cancer for more than a year, finally gave her good bye to the Filipinos 3:00 am of Saturday, August 1, 2009.

I was still in my Retronym event at Checkpoint Bar in Parañaque that time and was about to go home when heavy rains poured. Newlyweds Mike and Audrey invited me to sleep over their place though, but I wouldn’t want to disturb their sweet time of course. So, I asked Mike hailed the next cab we see when rain kind of tamed before they could think of driving me home.

I just realized now that the heavens did cried (or should I say welcomed Tita Cory) that morning of Saturday. Oh well, I am not complaining for soaking a bit getting in the cab that morning now that I did caught a bad cold and spent the almost the whole day dozing in bed. Now, I can’t sleep anymore. 😦

Yesterday, I was awaken by my alarm with a note that I should prepare for my Sunday meeting with a client for a wedding and send out the email to Mitch. We are already having trouble getting a venue for her and Benedic’s twins’ for December. So, though a little sleepy and lazy ( I felt like a flu is coming up but I ignored it ), I turned on the PC and do what I got to do.

I was saddened by the confirmation on Yahoo News that Tita Cory died. I wanted to write a blog about it, but I got other things to finish first. I content myself by posting the sad news briefly to my Facebook wall instead.

Even with less sleep I still went to the free seminar at Megatrade Hall with Lori in the afternoon. It was raining hard and wanted to backed-out actually. Tsk. I just promised myself to catch up on lost sleep early that night. Again, I got drizzled while crossing from the parking space to the mall. Tsk. 😦

The seminar/talk was really inspiring. I missed winning the free book from Go Negosyo when one of the panelists asked what was Lapid Chicharon’s original business (mind you it’s not chicharon). I know the answer because I remember seeing a feature on tv before. Damn, I couldn’t remember it that time. Blame it on lack of sleep. 😦
Well, for those who don’t know it, they supply oil for the Nissin noodles before they got into the yummy chicharon business.

We bought interesting ‘business’ books from the exhibit, Lori tasted some food samples. I resist on doing so, I wanted to satisfy my cravings for KFC chicken that day. I kind of missed C*** and Janeth whenever I craved for KFC.

I missed an invitation thru text, didn’t noticed my phone was off. Tsk. I wanted to see h** pa naman.


I still have a lot of photos and blogs to post about my past month’s ‘craziness weeks’. Plus some websites to polished and finally launch in time for the Ber-month prospects to see. Don’t want to admit itm but I’m a little stressed about it. I’m excited though and looks forward to some great challenge this year.

Glad that supposed meeting was moved to another day because my partners are still in Tabuk enjoying their white water rafting escapade. I promised to go with them for the Mt. Pinatubo exploration.

For now, let me suffer with a bad cold. That’s what I get for not bringing an umbrella or jacket and not taking my Vit. C. I hope to be awake early and catch on Jon online at 10:00 am. He’ll surely scold me again when I couldn’t answer his call or won’t be online per agreed time.

I couldn’t decide on what photos to upload with this post now. 😦