Counting years…forward…backwards.

It’s my 34th birthday!!!

I wrote 34 Wonderful Things To Fonder About which I kept on my private blog somewhere. Well, generally I am happy as I am in my past birthdays regardless of the ‘weather’.

There’s no any other way I can be more thankful about, than being a year older, wiser, stronger and happier.

Aside from the countless birthday greetings and messages I received the whole month of October (it’s either my friends are too excited to greet me or they couldn’t really recall it).

It really made my day. Just knowing that they remember it.

Who could forget? My birthday falls on a Halloween. hihihi..

Well, aside from those warm greetings, yesterday I received the best gift ever from a friend so dear to my heart now. So as not to pre-empt things, I would zip my mouth and just wait for days that ‘the gift’ would unfold and get unwrapped.

I can’t wait to write about it here.

I got to go now as I should be getting ready for my Halloween Rock Party at 6Underground Bar tonite. Should I wear my bitch..errrr.. witch costume? :p

Someone asked me earlier how old I am.

My answer.. 24 years old.

Because I’m counting my age backwards then forward.
After 25th, count backwards to 20..
Then forward again. So there. I am 24 years old.

As I always feel I am. I promised to hold my age to that for as long as I can. And well, for as long as I should.

But technically, I’m 34.

Happy birthday to me! Cheers!!!
Trick or Treat?!!! Anyone?



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