Good bye amazing 2012… welcoming a more exciting and amazing 2013!

Another amazing year for me has ended. Now, I am ready and excited to face the new year.  In general, I am happy about how my 2012 turned out to be and I look forward to a more challenging 2013.. so excited about it. Really! Now let me share bits of my 2012.


I am a very discreet person especially when we talk about my relationships. My friendships are public and my family practically knows most of my friends and colleagues. But for some reasons, I want my romantic relationships kept private to myself until I am fully committed to it.

The guy’s not new in my life.  He just came back from a hiatus. So after a year or so of ‘kulitan’, last January I decided to take him back. I chose to forget what happened in the past. I look forward to a more improved connection. Everyone deserves a second chance. He asked for it, and somewhere in my hearts of hearts, I believe he deserves it. We never talked about what happened from the past and how the future should look like for us. All we know is that we are content about what we have right now, and that your be enough. At least for now.


LOVE month. I am the type who loves to plan things. What I should do or where to go should be more often than not, should be carefully  planned ahead. But I have group of friends who are otherwise like me. They would drag you anywhere, anytime, and I should happy enough to give in.  They thought me to skip itineraries from time to time simply because it’s fun. Surprisingly, I appreciated it. It’s great that we share same interests on road trips and sight seeing.

My trip to Subic last February was great despite our missing the plight of hot air balloons and getting near them to capture some photos. We ended up going to Ocean Adventure. It was  my first time to see a dolphin show.  For awhile, I am a child again being with kids. I concluded my day with a goal that on the next Hot Air Balloon Festival that I will attend, I should book ahead and be able to ride the balloon. I know it can be pretty expensive, but for the experience I would save for it. And next time I come to watch the dolphin show in Ocean Adventure I would swim with them. I would also ensure that I will treat my pamangkins to Subic before the end of 2013. I will really work hard this year and save for it.

Another weekend, we agreed to go to Tagaytay. We packed lunch and head South and spent the day in Caleruega. It was a fun afternoon fooling around the picnic area and watching the sunset from this solemn place. Really a simple but fun experience. We ended our day with a take out snack at Mushroom Burger (I was amused with the mushroom patty instead of beef) and a hearty dinner at Rose and Grace Bulaluhan Restaurant in Laguna.


March. My friend Mike, is proud to say that he is a blood donor every year.  He would always encouraged me to join him whenever he donates.  But I would always chicken out. Until it become the project of RRJM and I gladly participated. So I slept early the night before. And for the past weeks prior to the blood letting day, I refrained from taking any alcohol or getting near smokers as well as taking any form of OTC. I know it’s not a requirement, but I don’t want to fail the recipient somehow by not having a clean blood to share. So there, every year I guess I will be joining Mike with his commitment to give life. The simplest way he can.


APRIL was a busy time at work for me. Somehow I rewarded myself with pocket travels and take advantage of long weekends. For the third time, I went to Ilocos. This time I explored not only Vigan but also Laoag and Pagudpud. I had fun riding the 4×4 jeep at sand dunes in Paoay. My jumpshot pic by the beach during our photo op was my very first. The feeling was overwhelming that I got to do things I never thought doing (like that jumpshot, which I find then as crazy and so child-like. haha).

I got my first time experience to have my picture taken with a bird on my shoulder at Baluarte. And that photo in Bangui windmills, with me showing up my back is my favorite photo for 2012. haha! It was fun seeing my crazy friends playing with the waves. Oh! I swear, I will not let anybody do that ever again.

Getting around Ilocos is like getting to know the Marcoses. With that, I really appreciate that he was once our president, despite the dictatorship and all bad things that entail such administration.

In this month also that I experienced trekking Mt. Pinatubo. And yes, it’s not true na ayoko na because this year, I will conquer it again, twice in January alone. Mind you, I did not write on that rock. I just find it lying there and I find the opportunity to take a picture with it. There must be a  story behind the graffiti. I presume a certain guy named Paulo asked for forgiveness to a certain girl named Diane. And we don’t know whether the girl was with him that time or some naughty trekkers just wrote on the rock ‘Ayoko na’, in response to it. lol!

Lastly, this month I was able to tour around Manila area some Singaporean clients. And I must admit, it was my first time (my educational trips in grade school and high school are not counted). It was then, I must say that I fully appreciate the beauty of Manila. Now I understand why Mr. Carlos Celdran is an advocate of Manila and passionately do Manila tours. Kudos to you Mr. Celdran!


May. We attended a Vibes’ and Wacky’s kids birthday celebration. I don’t get to see these bunch of my high school buddies very often. But whenever we can, it’s like we’re still in high school. Grabe naghahabulan pa din si Ronnie at Memeng kapag nag-aasaran. lol. For those who weren’t around that night, we missed you guys. Hope we could bring back our May 1 yearly get-together. Kahit sa Taguig lang ulet mag-swimming. Basta kasama lang kayong lahat. 🙂


July. I must confess, I don’t like airports. If not for the travels that comes with every going in airports and riding planes, I wouldn’t go to airport. And I hate waiting. But waiting in a VIP lounge was a different experience. Even though, I felt that the Php 3,000.00+ fee we paid just to meet a VIP client was not that worth it (read : no free water, no chips, cookies or coffee or even newspaper), just the TV. Anyway, it was still good. That night, I learned that our Comedy King Dolphy just passed away.


October, my most favorite month of the year. And this year I celebrated it with my youngest nephew, Jan Miguel. The kids are crazy about my iPad 2. And the cake, they would take turns to blow it for me. I am wishing that this should be the last year that my father would celebrate with me thru Skype. This year dapat personal na.

This was the month when I decided to resign from my work in RRJM. What happened the past weeks prior to my formal resignation was  something I don’t expect. And since I value friendships and relationships more than money and opportunities, I have to deal with tough decisions, with no regrets.


So it’s birthday celebration part 2. This time with my long time guy friends and Rechell. I would join them on their twice a month poker sessions (hanggang ngaun di pa din ako naglalaro haha).  Sana naman bago kami umabot ng 50s ay marunong na akong magpoker. 🙂


DECEMBER comes the fulfillment of one of my dreams. To be able to do the things I passionately loves to do. New business for the new year. I am excited to see this baby grow.

Happy new year everyone!