SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 047May 30-31 2009

OVERLOOK RESORT  Taktak Road, Sta. Cruz, Antipolo Rizal

Months ago we planned to have a summer outing with our batchmates in SJES. After several inquiries with different resorts, we decided to go Antipolo since it’s near Pasig where most of us live.  We even went resort hopping in Antipolo last May.

But since it didn’t come successful to get our other batchmates to  join us, we ended up with the same group who always are on an ‘all singles night out’ —the group who planned it in the first place. 🙂 We didn’t go to any of those resorts that we checked, but instead go for Obet’s suggestion to try  OVERLOOK RESORT. He’s been in the place for a company outing.

Di naman kami mapili, kahit san pwede kami. Basta may videoke at iinumin o kakainin. Go kami. 🙂 Para maiba naman, palage nalang kami sa During’s at Clarke Quay, puro walking distance lang ‘yun sa’ken eh. :p

At kahit malamig talaga dahil umuulan pa din hanggang madaling araw cge swimming pa din. 🙂

SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 002SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 003SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 007SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 004

SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 014SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 017SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 034SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 038

SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 022

Entrance at OVERLOOK is at Php 150.00 for overnite. With check-out time at 7am.

Rooms are at Php 1,500.00 good for 2 pax.  (overnite)

It was way past midnight when we checked in. Omie really wanted to get a room to keep our stuffs in,  so he got all of us seven in one room for Php 1,200.00 (or two pax free from entrance fee).

We get to use only one of the two pools, the 6-7 feet deep, (poor me!). The other pool about 4-5′ feet was kind of slimy and had dead insects (because it rained that day) floating on the water.

So I don’t have choice but to be content with the ‘jacuzzi’ tub near the 6-7′ feet pool.  Good thing, no other guests other than us  seems interested to swim that cold night and we had the common videoke all by ourselves. 🙂

I commend Overlook if you are looking for a place to really experience ‘overlooking’ and appreciate a scenic view of the city skyline at night. It wasn’t a large resort that means it’s less chaotic. Maybe one day, I’ll try going to this place again if I want some quiet time and a little swimming.

Despite the drizzle and my batteries almost drained, I made sure I’ll capture some photos.

SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 024

SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 040

The resort was full that night because of  a conference held by some group of students and teachers according to the caretakers.

We only saw one group of five by the pool the past night. No one’s swimming except us. Guess, the rest of the guests are having their  sweet time sleeping on a rainy night in their rooms.

SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 042SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 043SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 045SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 049

SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 046

Poor Omie, he wasn’t able to even lay his back on the bed. Worse he get to use the shower with no lights on.

I just hoped that the resort management would regularly check  if all their bulbs are still working or needs replacement. Tsk.

Omie was just too nice not to complain about it. But if I we’re him, I could have haggled more and  gotten the room for Php600 only.  🙂

When we checked out, I couldn’t help but tell the front desk man my complaint. At least they would know. 🙂

Ang hirap kayang magbihis ng walang ilaw sa madilim na CR.

Since most of us need to be home early, we didn’t  extend time up to 12nn.  Obet got work at 3pm, Lui need to be back in Binangonan in the morning and I  should be in Divisoria by 2pm for gown fitting of my cousin’s entourage so left the resort at 7am.

SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 052

It was a fun night though. Full of teasing and laughters. When we we’re on the line to get breakfast at Jollibee Taytay (near Club Manila East), the teasing continues.

Us was like teens who can’t get off each other’s company, giggling, tease each other and pick on the current ‘pulutan’ in great practice of  team work and ensures that the ‘pulutan’ should be sport despite having no allies.

In this occassion, it was ME…tsk.. (pasalamat sila inde na’ko pikon katulad nun elementary kami). 🙂

I  was thankful na nauna na sila Obet at Dennis umuwi. Kundi it’s six against one. Wheew! 🙂

SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 056SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 058

SWIMMING ANTIPOLO 06.30-31.09 059

That day, we realized —- KUNG IKAW AY MASAYA …. MANLIBRE KA!

Oppss.. sorry, it is STILL a private joke among five of us, err seven of us.  🙂