What happiness means to you?

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. – Wikipedia



Welcome to my all new blog! From my old BULABLOGERA which I had since Friendster days, here I am now to a whole new one. Right now, I am not ready yet to tell why I decided to defunct my old blog. Little by little, I intend to migrate some old posts here too. My favorite ones, or relatively significant to my current. Right now,  I simply want change.  And kicking off my new blog the day before my birthday month I believe would be a good timing.
In this blog, I would like to primarily share my race to 40.Yes, I am turning 38 next month, and year by year, not a joke, I felt that my age just stopped at 28. I don’t know if that is good or not. But who cares? haha! I hope my readers could somehow relate to me, appreciate my humble stories and leave a smile on their faces after reading it. If it’s not too much to ask. 🙂


I cannot promise that I would only post positive stories about my adorable nephews and niece, my inaanaks (godchildren), they are the kind of bundle of joys I only got (at least at this time of writing), my crazy friends from my grade school and the friends I gained in between  years up to my current career,  my new found faith, my life’s little achievements, the beautiful flowerbed I passed by this morning, the efficient staff I got, the sunset, the sunrise, the beauty of nature and the monthly travels I commit myself into as the URL said so. Oh the list of happiness could be so endless. But I will try. I promise.


On the other hand, I would probably post my random rants about an impolite taxi driver, or the government official that instead of upsets me amuses me in a positive-negative-positive way, the traffic jam in Edsa, the gossiping colleagues… and even the guy who (I must admit) rocked my world, but broke my heart (again). These may not be pleasant stories to tell, but again who cares? They are part of my life and they are the reasons why I appreciate the life that I am happy about now. I would like to share those. Take it or leave it. Anyway, some of my friends are amused everytime I tweet happenings on the road, good or bad. Really.  🙂


So I guess like what the dictionary and what Google and Wikipedia defined it, happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being. Simple as – CHOICE. We have a choice to be happy or sad. It’s okay to entertain sadness occasionally and cry over it ( I am a sucker of movies and books that make me cry), but take a grip. Your sadness should not be bigger than your potential happiness.


Till next post. Live a happy life! Whatever that means to you. 🙂