I want to start the BER month by being conscious about my approaching mid 30’s. Friends and some family members are expressing thoughts on why they are ‘worried’ or ‘wondering’. Basically, I am a content person though I always strive for the best and what will make me happy before anything or anybody else does. (bad ba? Hihihi..)

It’s starting to stress me thinking that someone or a bunch of your loved ones are worrying for nothing for you while I am just living my life one day at a time. Anyway, for the nth time and for the record. I want to declare here, that — I am happy with what I have, with the choices I make and most especially of what I am today. The same goes with my excitement of how I will be, what I will choose in life tomorrow. I always believe that life shouldn’t be thought of as a complicated one and we shouldn’t make it complicated. Just do what makes you happy without hurting anybody, and everything else will just follow. Live today better than you have lived your yesterday, and don’t forget to think of how to make your tomorrow the best one. It should be as simple as that.

Thanks for the care, guidance and support. The seemingly fun and silly remarks may better off take a stride. Believe me, it’s not gonna help me. Because in all honesty — I’M OKEY AND I DON’T NEED IT, at least not yet. 🙂


Middle life crisis isn’t  for me. If possible I want to skip it gracefully if it may not be necessary. I wish to live up to my 80’s, therefore I should be experiencing it on my 40’s. 🙂 Five years to get ready for that may be enough. hehe.. ( oopss.. how about the ‘Life begins at 40’ saying, don’t forget that, huh ).


I am turning 35 two months from now. Yes, that’s true. My social network accounts declare that publicly. If you meet me in person and asked me about my age, without batting an eyelash and comfortably, I’ll tell you the truth. I don’t see the point why hide it. (especially if it shows, hahaha! ). If you think asking me if I am married or how many kids do I have is offensive, you’re wrong. My quick reply would always be ‘I’m totally single’ (technically). We can even go on forever talking about it. 🙂


I always feel I am just 25 years old, body and spirit. The truth, I decided to stay on that age so I will not worry about growing old.  I don’t have plans of letting go of that good feel, even in the next five years. 🙂 Just don’t try to ask me about my vital stats now. I don’t really know the answer. All I know is SEXY is my second name. Hahahaha. (blame my friends and ‘friends’ for making me believe that and not trying harder to lose weight). 🙂

Seriously, approaching mid 30’s made me want a revision on my current life without stressing too much on the number. I’d love to share my take on that and write it on my birthday blog after my planned Halloween party. By the way my birthday is on October 31. Every year is like a Freaky Birthday for me. 🙂 But ever since as a child, I am always excited about my birthday. 


For now, I would like to post this WISH LIST in celebration of my freakin’ but exciting and challenging new stage of my life . I hope this will give you (yes YOU), get me a birthday gift. Just post a comment for clarifications so you can avoid sending me the wrong gift. Hahaha..

Apologies, it’s kind of lengthy. Feel free to choose just one. 


( a combination of WISHES, GOALS and OBJECTIVES, both tangible and intangible. Originally it’s 35 but I trimmed it down to 20, for easy reading and feasibility. Hehehe…)

I WISH …..

1. To have a successful and well attended HALLOWEEN event this year by friends and friend’s friends in their
costumes and/or make-up. Details TBA.
2. To have sturdy, efficient but ‘fasyon’ bag for my Aspire One. Big enough to fit in all my ‘mobile office stuff’ as
3. To have spare batteries for my notebook, digicam and celphone.
4. To have a new celphone and a wireless landline.
5. To be able to quit smoking and coffee— totally.
6. To learn to drink San Mig Lite. ( I am a RHB fan ).
7. To religiously take my milk and supplements.
8. Go back to running and play some sports for fitness and health.
9. New books on business, health and crafts.
10. A signed collectible CD of at least three of my favorite local rock bands.
11. Reunite with ‘old friends’ and renew friendship.
12. Get rid of ‘O-C-R-G’. ( ooppss.. don’t ask what I meant with O-C-R-G )
13. More projects ( events, trips, websites ) to come. 
14. A very good graphic artist who can deliver original and fun designs for our.
15. A birthday medical check-up.
16. A one week birthday vacation at a relaxing beach.
17. To have an International Wedding Planner certificate.
18. An autographed collectible CD or DVD or book from any of my favorite music artists, film or author.
19. A handwritten poem by one of my favorite and admired person.
20. Jesus Christ painting by Joey de Leon. (my ultimate wish for my 35th birthday, tangible but priceless)






A letter from my cousin who got married last July. I guess I should keep a record of it here. 🙂 To remind me of what I am already missing.