When we were twelve, we don’t regret the past and we don’t worry about the future. – Samantha / Now and Then, 1995


random OCT 009


It’s my 35th birthday today. Yes, I am a Halloween baby.  🙂

Without fail, I have always been excited and would mental check almost everyday since Ber month arrives till the ‘big day’.  There are quite a many reasons why I love looking forward to my birthday. It’s not about the party or the gifts, I simply believed that birthday is a celebration of life.

Plus the fact that it took two miscarriages for my mother before she was able to conceive me.  What more could we be thankful about, right? To cut the story short, I was able to wait up until it’s time for me to come out. I was tiny and was  indeed cooperative that I  did not made it hard for her to deliver me to the world. 🙂

I received a lot of  greetings from friends today and a few sweet little gifts, collectively even months ago. I am thankful also that I did not get sick on my birthday week this year. 🙂 

Hope that I will accomplish my to-do list in the next two weeks and will be able to get a better internet connection, need some catching up to do with work. Tsk.  And a few other personal things I should attend to.

Just random thoughts….

Would like to share stories about my ‘search’ and  a few interesting topics that spells life’s simple joys. Will also start posting my 360 photoblogs beginning tomorrow. 🙂 Sooo excited.

Lessons learned :

Easy come, easy go — including LOVE.

Trust your instinct. Always be positive. Avoid people who pulls you down.

Last Sunday, I’ve seen Now and Then on QTV11’s Chick Flicks. On young Teeny’s scene on the mirror, the song I’m Gonna Make You Love Me was used as a theme song. For awhile I thought I was already hearing things for thinking so much about the person who introduced me to the song, glad I’m not. Sad though. I wonder what’s really going on.

I still believe that there are a few good men out there who really mean what they say. *sigh*

The song has a very nice lyrics. Though I admired Stevie Wonder, I love Diana Ross and The Supremes with The Temptations version more.


by Diana Ross and The Supremes with The Temptations

ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

eddie: i’m gonna do all the things for you
a girl wants a man to do, oh baby
i’ll sacrifice for you
i’ll even do wrong for you, oh baby
every minute, every hour
i’m gonna shower
you with love and affection
look out it’s comin into your direction

chorus: and i’m i’m gonna make you love me
oh, yes i will yes i will
i’m gonna make you love me
oh, yes i will yes i will

diana: lookie here my love is strong you see
i know you’ll never get tired of me ooh baby (sure won’t)
and i’m gonna use every trick in the book
i’ll try my best to get you hooked hey baby (take me i’m yours)
and every night, every day
i’m gonna say
i’m gonna get ya, i’m gonna get ya
look out boy cause i’m gonna get ya

chorus: i’m gonna make you love me
ooh yes i will yes i will
and i’m gonna make you love me
ooh yes i will yes i will (you know i will)

diana: every breath i take
and each and every step i make
brings me closer baby, closer to you

otis: and with each beat of my heart
for every day we’re apart
i hunger for every wasted hour

eddie: and oh every night and every day
i’m gonna get ya, i’m gonna get ya
look out cause i’m gonna get ya

chorus (fade out)


Damn, I missed honeydew. 😦

Disclaimer : Due to a bad internet connection, this post could have been posted on 10.31.09.



The other night , I found myself staring blankly at the grayish sky at  the balcony of our new place — my newfound favorite spot in the house.  Been contemplating abut something lately when absentmindedly, I went through the pages of my everyday worknotebook trying to divert my attention from thinking about ‘nothing’ to working despite the bad internet connection.


I saw these sweet little stickers on the inner sleeve of the cover of my everyday worknotebook. I had these when I was at home in Taytay. It was also the day  before I realized that dates 10.10.10, 11.11.11 and 12.12.12 are also nice wedding dates after seeing  a feature on the news of couples . Anyway, I am not thinking about my own wedding to this writing — at least not yet. But I’d like to talk about  something related to that one of these days. 


ishka's sweet stickers

My two year old niece Ishka (my own nickname for her, short for Chieska or Franchieska . She was reprimanded several times for jumping all around and screaming in the house while her little 3 months old brother was sleeping.  I got her punished for almost kicking her brother’s face when she sat on the couch near him and let her sat quietly, hands clasped and placed on her lap. She’s not allowed to talk or move until I told her to. Somewhat it is also a good way to enhance child’s EQ (emotional quotient)level.  She fell asleep while waiting for her punishment to end.


sit properly with mamuh 002How she looks like whenever she’s punished —infront of the TV. Oopss. Don’t try this with your kids, it may not be effective to all sort of kids as punishment, but with her it was indeed effective than the old school face-the-wall  we used to give her whenever she gets so unruly which we believe to be a little humiliating for the child.


As soon as her punishment was lifted, she tries to catch my attention away from the computer.  She knows how to charm me and get me to play with her no matter how I am engrossed with something. But I pretended to be busy. I wanted her to understand that what she did was wrong and I mean to punish her like that again next time if possible. She can’t be all the time so energetic and ransack the house and make noise especially when someone’s sleeping. It’s our first lessons to her about respect.


Then I heard sounds like she’s digging her toys from its box where she keeps it when playtime hours were over. I called on her name and tell her it’s past 6pm and she can’t play anymore. Then she came to me smiling and waving a sheet of stickers while calling me sweetly — Tita Joooyyy  —with matching pouting lips. 🙂  She has the sweetest way of saying my name.



Smiling, she said something like ‘love, love, Tita Joy’. She started to lift the sticker from its sheet and before I could  tell  her not and get the stickers on my arm. Then she goes : ‘O di ba? Love, Tita Joy’ (See, Tita Joy, Love). Then she hugged me tight and kissed me. I felt guilty and wondered if punishing her like that is mean and cruel.


I indulged and let her put one sticker on my face and one on my netbook even if I knew I shouldn’t put anything near the monitor. To preserve the memory, I took a photo of it before I transferred it to the inner page cover of my everyday work notebook. Now I have it on this blog. I want her to know someday that no matter how unruly, naughty and so irritating she is at times, her loyalty and forgiving attitude that goes with her smile, sweetness and talkativeness really seals the deal with us. Much as we don’t want to give her such punishments because she is just two years old who needs to be understood and give so much patience to but she has to learn her lessons as early as possible. 


Yesterday that I brought  her to the playground as a reward for  sleeping in the afternoon and behaving while the little boys (her 3 month old brother and one week old cousin) were sleeping. 


I think I shed a few pounds running after her. 🙂