#TheSW30 – Day 5 : The biggest misconception you think people have about single life

DAY 5Day 5 : The biggest misconception you think people have about single life

Should we really care about what other people think about us? In most cases, I personally don’t give a damn especially if it has to do with my decisions in life now that I am already an adult and chose to be alone than to be in a bad relationship. For as long as it does not bring harm to the environment, to my family and to the people around me and to myself, then I don’t really care. How people will take my decisions in life is not my problem anymore.

But since we are talking about being single in this blogging challenge by Mandy Hale which I gladly took, let me share what misconceptions I occasionally think that people has about single life. I’ve been in the two sides of the coin sometime in my life so I guess it can be two things :

1. Single life can be boring and lonely. – People may think it’s boring life being alone in a well furnished condo or apartment, cooking a meal for one and eating alone. It’s boring to watch tv or DVDs alone and finishing that bowl of popcorn all by yourself.  It can be lonely to sleep and wake up each day in your bed alone. It even gets lonelier when a single person, living solo gets sick and there’s no warm hands who will check on your temperature. No one to prepare that much needed soup. It can gets even lonelier to home each night to your empty space with no one to talk to about how your day has been, your hopes and dreams in life and what are your current achievements and latest splurges. It’s lonely to work so hard for no one but to yourself and to your unknown future. It’s so lonely not to hear that cute laughter of a loving partner or noise of kids in running and screaming in the house. So lonely not to receive warm kisses and hugs from these wonderful bunch of happiness. Does it sound too much of a drama to you now? Let’s move on to the next.

2. Single life can be fun and happy. –  Single life can be fun when you can date anyone and look into different options before selecting the one whom to get committed to.  For others being single is a chance to party, party and party. You can come and go anytime you want. Drink all you can without having to worry that a partner would be really mad for being such an irresponsible adult lest not bring him/her with you. Should you screw up at work because of your excessive partying or simply by being irresponsible, no hard feelings. You can always accept to be get kicked out from job or a project. Anyway, you are single and you look for another job somewhere else. You can be a bum for a couple of weeks or months, it won’t hurt that much until your emergency fund runs out. When you are single you can always get every opportunity that comes your way. You are on your own and every decisions you make are for your own self.  You can travel a lot, be anywhere you wished to be. You can dine in good restaurants or even hotels and grab that expensive coffee anytime you want with no guilt that you are spending the money for the supermarket budget or the kid’s tuition fees.

A single life can be lonely or happy, I’ve been there on and off. Loneliness is normal,  it’s just how one deal with it that matters. If you are living solo and single but you never forget that you still have a family and lots of friends, you can always call or see them, invite them over your lonely place and be happy. Throw a small party with them, besides you have all the money all to yourself because you are single. When the party is over, don’t be sad and cry in the corner of your lonely room. Be glad that you have them in your life. Happiness is a choice, if you just keep looking at the sad part of your life, then you will surely be lonely. Your happiness should not only depend on the achievements you made, the money you have and the excessive partying and dating you are privileged to do when you are single. Remember, when you’re single and you date, don’t take it as a badge to sleep around. Try not to break too many hearts including your’s. It will torn yourself in the process leaving you worthless (if you will not change) when the right one comes along. Life is how we made it. Choose to be happy like responsible adults do.

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