Double Celebrations

Today, I attended two birthday celebrations. In the morning, I attended Jediah’s 3rd birthday at Mc Donald’s, Barangka Mandaluyong. After the party, I just went home and took a rest and changed my shirt. Then off we go to meet Lui at Robinsons Pioneer. She came with her son FJ. Then our friend/kumare Diane came with her son Rayhan. It was a fun Sunday being with friends and lots of kids. (maiinggit na ba ko or inde muna? )

Daddy’s wish : na madevelop pa ni Jed-Jed ang interests niya sa musical instruments para maging rockstar.

Mommy’s wish : Sana magka-ngipin na si Kuya Jed-Jed. (little Zaia smiles and reached for the mic, gusto din ata mag-wish)

Happy birthday Jed-Jed!

Big boys excitedly waiting for the ‘special guest’ of the birthday celebrant

Grimace dancing for Jediah

Zaia : Barney! Barney! (raising her arm up and down)

Barneeyyyyy! (this was so epic, Grimace mistaken as Barney)

G2 and Seril with their daughters

Eric with his son… and Jed-Jed’s Tito Ricky (umabot din!)

The sister of the celebrant gets a gift also from her mommylou. 🙂


with pretty boy FJ

Do not disturb us : Me and FJ, exchanging toys and Mommy Lui accomplishing her Shakey’s discount card

Khitz with Buzz                                          FJ and Rayhan                                      Me, Diane and Rayhan (the food hunter)

Women are Crazy, Men are Stupid (the simple truth to a complicated relationship) by Howard J. Morris and Jenny Lee

I ended the day’s celebrations with a quick trip to National Bookstore with them (Lui’s and Diane’s sons are book lovers like me).

Got this book WOMEN ARE CRAZY, MEN ARE STUPID on sale… and this is going to be my ‘beach baon’ read during our Pagudpud trip in April.

Till next post. 🙂


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