Giving blood, saving life

Last Friday, I participated in a blood letting project in our office. I am aware of the health benefits of giving blood but more than that, it’s good to know that if you donate blood, you help save a life. It was a long overdue goal for me, so when our HR Supervisor announced about her project, I am one of the first ones who responded.

So the past days, I tried not to stay up too late and I did not go out for some drinks and eat healthy as much as I can. Not to mention that I really set my mind that I will endure a prick when I get my blood type tested and a needle that will collect my blood.








Congratulations Yhab for a project well done. And most especially for overcoming one of your greatest fear. We are so proud of you.

…. to be continued later (we are off to Jediah’s 3rd birthday party)


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