EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 019

May 30, 2009  Efjhay’s 1st birthday

Binangonan, Rizal

Since there was no sign of our supposed overnight swimming in Antipolo that it’ll push thru, I still packed my stuff and decided to go with Lui in Binangonan, where they will celebrate her son’s 1st birthday.

She met up with me in Pasig after she picked up the cake in Waltermart. And together we braced the heavy rains and traffic to Binangonan and arrived there  in time for the children’s  party. 🙂


EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 001EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 002EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 003EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 004


I enjoyed watching kids compete for a toy prize.  More often than not, they   behaved and followed  the rules given by the host/clown. Played the game fair and square and enjoyed the food and the party.  🙂  (mabuti pa ang mga bata, inde madaya sa laro basta ine-enjoy lang nila, walang pikunan) .


EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 033EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 039EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 044EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 055EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 069EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 070EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 014EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 035EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 048EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 051EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 080EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 083

 EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 038

An old sweet couple in party hats watching kids play games caught my attention.  I saw lolo, one time wrapped  his arms at lola’s shoulders while talking to her. On others times, he was holding her hand. In between their watching the kids, they would whisper words and talk quietly to each other.  Sweet sight, you know. 🙂  Without fail, even in other circumstances,  this would really made me smile. For awhile, I missed one part of the game I’m taking photos of.  I got busy looking at them, I can’t even afford to click some more photos afraid that I might invade their ‘privacy’.


EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 009

The celebrant, seemed to understand what’s going on, played his part as a friendly and hospitable host, who did not grew tired of smiling to his guests and retired only  until the party is over. At first, the basketball game playing on tv caught his  attention and ignored his party, though sitting quietly infront of his guests.  

Good thing,  Efjhay’s  not afraid of the clowns nor he got irritated with his Superman costume.  When it was time to blow the candles, he seems to know what to do and excited about it.  Soooo cute. 🙂



EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 024EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 026EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 027EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 023


Some of our teachers from our elementary attended the party with their kids and grandchildren. ( Lui’s mom is a teacher from our school too). It’s nice to see them all after 20 years at the same party, and taking their pictures.  🙂


EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 063EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 081EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 082EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 084


I played  ‘photographer’ until my 1st set of  batteries almost died. 🙂 


Then at 3pm, when the party is almost over, I received a text from Omie that they will leave Pasig at 9pm later that night and will drop by in Binangonan before we proceed to Antipolo.   So even the heavy rains can’t stop us.  🙂


Here are some more of my favorite shots on that rainy Saturday afternoon in Binangonan Rizal.


EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 006EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 007EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 008EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 060


EFJHAY'S BIRTHDAY 05.30.09 059


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