Since my reunion with elementary classmates last year, my used-to-be-on schedule life with rockers, party peeps and in-between rakets,  suddenly has its little sweet twist. 🙂

Its not just I’m reunited with old friends, but gaining new ones as well and I’m loving it. 🙂

And I must admit, I’m beginning to like .. hhmmm. no, I’m beginning to love videoke because of them. 🙂

Midweek last week at 12mn, while I am having my occassional ‘telebabad’ with my friend Thelma and in between trying my first time with mobile YM chat on SUN, chatting with this interesting young guy (may ganun? hehehe), my friend Lui called and asked me if I can go out cause she’s in C-5 already (about 10-15mins away from home).

Since she’s the kind of friend na bihira lang mangbulabog and I just can’t say no to her, so I said yes and dropped the telebabad and chat sessions. 🙂

We met up in Mc Do and went back to their condo to fetch her housemate Carla and headed to Music 21 Pasay.


 Kudos to nice and attentive staff of Music 21.

They would turn off the videoke  system by the clock. Kahit may 2 songs ka pa na next in-line.

Ok lang din naman.  4am na kaya nun. 🙂



 Rooms are cool and sweet-smelling (I could almost taste it) :p

 Charge is Php 85.00/head non-consumable. 

Visit their site for their drink package and food package. 


The pizza shrimp is just right when hot and turns gummy when cold. :p 

music-21-trip-043009-0112music-21-trip-043009-0023music-21-trip-043009-0053 Drink and eat moderately. 🙂  

Both Carla and Lui are good singers. Talent nila yan.  Me? Talent ko dumaldal at tumawa maghapon at magdamag. at umistolen-shots…hahahaha.
Sing Carla, sing. Kahit anung posisyon, kanta lang. 🙂 (lafftrip kami dito ni Lui)

At kahit di daw niya alam ang BURN, kakantahin niya yan. Just to make us happy.  🙂  It was 5am when I reached home.

8am when I was awaken by a reminder text. I felt somehow strange. hhhmmm. In the evening, a supposed weekend trip didn’t pushed thru.  Sorry,  sometimes ‘unexpected things’ happen. 

SATURDAY, it was Omie’s turn to make an unscheduled gimmick.

Afternoon when Lui texted and told me that she and Omie will meet at 6pm. It was 8:00pm or so when Omie called, wala na kong lusot.. hehe.
Since I’m just a block away from During’s, 8:30pm andun na ‘ko.

During’s used to be a huge ‘playground’ in my elementary years where I used to play agawan-base, shato and baseball with playmates. This is also where I practice to ride a bike in my high school. 🙂 In this lot, natuto naman ako, kahit mag-isa at sawang-sawa sa pang-aasar ng mga friends ko. 🙂

Pagdating ko andun pa lang si Lui at Omie. Then afterwards, She came. We kidded about being single and ‘kaladkarins’. 🙂 Nag-drop lang si Lhai since she’s gotten well from flu.

Napag-usapan na mag-swimming bago tuluyang matapos na ang summer at mag-pasukan.

2008 VIDEOKE KING of Batch '88 on the loose!!! :)

2008 VIDEOKE KING of Batch '88 on the loose!!! 🙂












Past midnight dumating si Obet from his work at The Fort.  Naki-kanta ng konti with Omie sa  ‘When Will I Hold You Again’.  Medyo nabadtrip sa nagpapalipat sa’min ng table kse past 2am na raw.  Mananalo na sana siya, kaso nag-CR siya eh.  hehehe.  Sa Bethsilog kse di ata ganun. :p


Tapos humabol pa si Harold bago kami umuwi ng 5:30am at umakyat ng Tagaytay. 🙂

… to be continued


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